Where to Find the Best Tapas in Barcelona

When it comes to restaurants Barcelona doesn’t fall short of options, and it can be difficult to choose where to try local food. One of the best and most typical meals in the city is the famous tapas, served both in restaurants and tapas bars.

Winter Sun Destinations in and around Europe

Looking for warm places to visit in winter months? Scratch the UV lamp off your Christmas wish-list, we’ve put together the best winter sun holiday destinations in and close to Europe; where to find the best beaches in winter, and even some winter islands you can count on for sunny winter trip – you’re vitamin D level will spike just by reading it!

Best Places to Visit in Kyiv, Ukraine (Recommended by Locals)

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine (that you likely recognize as Kiev, the old Russian spelling) is probably one of the most underrated capitals in Europe. It's a beautiful, cultural, historic, and cheap city to visit.

Unique Halloween Celebrations and Traditions Around the World

Halloween is just around the corner and, for many of you, depending on where you are in the world, means celebration, observing tradition, or parties. Though October 31st is a now heavily commercialized date, Halloween stems from ancient Celtic traditions and, indeed, many places around the world have their own version of Halloween at the same time of year.

Must-See Attractions in Berlin for First Timers

Planning your first time in Berlin, wondering what to prioritize during your trip, maybe even wondering when to visit Berlin? We’ve gathered the best Berlin travel tips for must-see sights, places to go and things to do in Berlin for first timers at any time of year.