Six great reasons to spend your Christmas Holidays in Berlin

It is fast approaching that most magical time of the year and maybe you’re thinking about getting away for the Christmas holidays. Wondering where to go? Wonder no more! Here’s six reasons to spend your Christmas holidays in Berlin.


Best Street Food in Berlin

On free walking tours in Berlin, you feast on fascinating history, get your fill of remarkable architecture, and binge on local culture. It’s a most satisfying veritable banquet, our Berlin. It’s little wonder then, that often at the end of all this exploring and adventure, the most frequent question the local guides are asked after a tour is “where’s good to eat?”


First Time in Berlin: TOP SIX Things To Do

Planning you first time in Berlin? If you’re researching online, chances are you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all there is to see. So many attractions, sights and things to do, and in so little time. Worry not, dear traveler, for we’ve gathered the best must-see places and activities in Berlin for you. Whether you want to visit museums, learn about the city’s rich history, want to hang out with local Berliners or get to grips with the city’s alternative art scene and sub-cultures, you will find plenty of ideas on our list.


Your Guide to Berlin Craft Beer Festival 2016

This year, Berlin celebrates its third annual Craft Beer Festival, a prime opportunity for Berlin-bound Craft Beer enthusiasts to savour the many flavours of the city's local brewing scene, and this year's festival looks set to be the biggest yet.


Berlin Craft Beer Festival 2016

There’s been a kind of beer-renaissance in recent years, a craft beer revolution if you will, whereby the beer scene, particularly in Europe and America, has seen a huge increase in the number of local small-brewery-made varieties of beer enter the domain of big breweries.


5 Best Christmas Markets in Berlin

December has arrived. The trees have shed their leaves, the temperature has dropped, and the decorations have been erected. Germany celebrates Christmas with enthusiasm and passion exhibited through Christmas markets throughout the country. And in Berlin there's no exception. With a huge variety to choose from, here is your guide to 5 of the city’s best Christmas markets:


How to get the Most out of Your 48-Hour Travel Card in Berlin

Sometimes trying to navigate your way through a subway and train network in a new language can be harder than it looks, and Berlin's system (BVG) is no exception. Trains from all over Europe arrive in Berlin's Hauptbahnhof (main train station) every single day. So what do you do when you arrive in the German capital at one of the busiest train stations in the country? Head straight to the closest BVG ticket machine, get yourself an unlimited 48-hour travel card, and start touring!


Brunch your way around Berlin

Brunch is not just a custom in Berlin - it's basically an institution. If you make friends here, without fail you will meet up on Sundays and have a pre-flea-market pig-out. These fuelling and caffeination sessions are the epitome of the chilled Berlin lifestyle, i.e. getting up late, indulging yourself and being sociable. Sound good? Now, in case you're already burning up for brunch, here's our guide to Berlin's best so that you can satisfy your brunch needs every day.


Plunge into Berlin's street art scene

The first thing you'll notice about Berlin is that it's covered in graffiti. Whether you're staring blankly at a station's walls, cramped in a cafe's bathroom or unlocking your own front door, there's no escape. It's rare to find an inch of the wall which hasn't been doodled on.


Pocket Guide to Berlin Beer

Is Berlin on your travel itinerary? Alongside its incredible history and remarkable culture, I'm sure German beer is up there on the list of reasons to go, or at least a perk to the trip! The problem with German beer is that there certainly is a lot of it. So we've put together a pocket guide to Berlin beer to keep you on track. Plus some other excellent German beers because why would we take those options away from you? Now I'm swirl'n'smell my beer kind've person but I am someone who really REALLY likes beer, and German beer being no exception...