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How it works?

Become a Local Guide

If you are passionate about your city, its history, culture, and all its interesting places and want to share your knowledge with travellers while earning extra money, then a budget or free tour is the perfect option for you!

Create your own tour

Where is that cool place that visitors don’t know about your city? What's your favourite stretch of street-art? Do you have a great knowledge of local foods, cultural traditions, or perhaps you love history and know everything about local landmarks & sights? Whatever expertise you offer, create your own customized tour and share it with the world!

Receive bookings

Once your account & tour profile is approved and goes live, you'll soon receive confirmed bookings for your tour direct to your email. You'll receive all customer’s details and can even contact them prior to the tour if you wish.

Meet your guests.

Meet up with the travelers who booked your tour to show them your city, reveal the best stories & legends, experience authentic local culture and give them great recommendations for the rest of their stay.
The more positive feedback, ratings & reviews you get, the higher your tour will rank and the more cash you'll be able to earn.

Earn money.

Option 1 (Free Tours): Set your tour as FREE and each individual in the group is free to 'tip' what they feel your tour is worth. Tips per guest tend to range from 5 to 20+ EUR & the free tour model is rapidly becoming the preferred way for travellers to discover cities all over the world!

Option 2 (Paid Tours): Set your tour at a fixed price, or price ranges, and customers pay a 20% deposit at the point of booking, and the remaining balance directly to you on arrival to your tour.

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