Best Music and Cultural Festivals You Must See Before You Die

Most of us don’t really need any reason to travel and venture off to near or distant lands, but a great festival is as good a reason as any to plan a trip. If you’re wondering where your next adventure will take you, why not head to a festival?! We’ve put together some of our favorite festivals around the world for your curious imaginations to ponder – some are food or music festivals, some are cultural festivals, and some are just plain crazy, but all are excellent reasons to pack a bag and go!


Budapest for Wine Lovers: Top Four Wine Bars

When planning your vacation to Budapest, you likely look forward to some culinary delights such as our well known Goulash soup, paprika-infused dishes, and shots of Palinka; but there is so much more to Hungary’s culinary experience, especially for lovers of wine. If you are not yet aware of the refined wine culture of Hungary, delightful wine bars and the best places for indulging in delicious local wine in Budapest, this article is for you!


Things To Do this Halloween in Budapest

Halloween, on October 31st, is not a traditional holiday in Hungary; rather, the first day of November, All Saints Day, is celebrated here, as though much of mainland Europe. However, Halloween has been adopted more and more in recent years as, in the west, it has become synonymous with dressing up, celebrating the macabre, embracing the night and having great parties – and if there’s one capital in Europe that knows how to party, it’s Budapest!


Best Day Trips From Budapest

Welcome to Budapest, arguably the most beautiful city in Central Europe (Europe and Planet Earth). You like it here? Then an obvious choice is to get to know it's neighbourhood through day trips. Or you've gotten tired of only visiting capitals and metropolises? The countryside's waiting for you! As well as you'd like to leave the Central European tourist path? Get off the beaten track - we tell you how!


Top 5 Baths in Budapest

The famous baths of Budapest are by far one of the most popular attractions the city has to offer. Unlike many famous sights in Europe, though, Budapest's baths aren't just for tourists - they're a favourite pastime of locals as well. Why are baths so popular here? According to Lonely Planet, "Budapest sits on a patchwork of almost 125 thermal springs," and bathing has been the thing to do since Roman times. While you'd do well "taking the waters" at just about any bath in the city, we've rounded up a few of our favourites to get you started.


Best of Summer in Budapest

Travelling during summer is an obvious choice for many: long holidays, incredible moods, hot weather, not to mention shorts and sunglasses! Budapest makes an excellent destination between June and August and it's easy to fall in love with the city because of its compact centre with plenty of things to do and see. The summer also brings special events and opportunities to celebrate the long, sunny days. Here's our list of the best of summer in Budapest:


Budapest's 9 Must See Attractions

Budapest, Hungary's capital, is a beautiful and exciting city to experience. It has a lot to see and do, but visiting all the sights in a limited amount of time is no little feat. That's why we've put together a list of the must-see attractions in the city just for you. Here are the top spots you can either visit on your own, or with a knowledgeable local guide on a free walking tour!


Folk dance for all

Uninhibited, wild, energetic: experience authentic folk dance first-hand in Budapest


Infographic: Backpacker’s guide to Budapest

Thinking about visiting Budapest, but have no clue what would be waiting for you there? What currency do they use? What should you try there? And how much would it cost after all? Get answers for all your questions from the Backpacker’s guide to Budapest infographic to learn all the most important things about the Hungarian capital.


Where time stops and full immersion into culture starts: Massolit book café in Budapest

Many of us travel to tick off bucket lists and aim not to miss out on any major attractions, however, a good few holidaymakers are more interested in the human dimension, aiming to learn more about themselves and the world via the medium of books as well as personal encounters.


11 day trips from Budapest

A journey into the unknown – beyond the boundaries


10 Things To Do In Budapest For Free

Whether you're on a budget or own several yachts in the Carribean, Budapest offers enough bewitching beauty that anyone can enjoy no matter how they have in their pocket. So have your camera at the ready and be prepared to make some seriously gorgeous memories with's list of 10 things to do in Budapest for free.