Six Places for Delicious Lunch in Prague

It’s important to stay fuelled while travelling, all the exploring and experiences of Prague can sometimes come with a rumbling tummy, and nobody wants to be hungry on holiday!


Ultimate Prague: 10 Must-See Attractions

It's certainly not hard to find things to do in the compact city centre of Prague. In fact, the list is so long that we narrowed it down to the absolute must-see's of the Czech capital for those who are on a tight schedule! Whether you want to wander around on your own or prefer a free walking tour, you'll be sure to find monuments a thousand years apart but within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from each other. Without further ado, here's's ultimate list of must-see attractions in Prague:


Why You Need to Visit Prague in Spring

There's something almost magical about Europe in the Spring. The weather in Prague gets warmer and the festivities welcoming the new season begin! Statistically speaking, the last week of July through the middle of August is the busiest time for tourism in the Czech Republic, especially for the capital. So, we wrote a list about all the things people are missing out before high season starts. Here's why you need to visit Prague in spring:


Wine and Dine In and Around Prague

Prague is one of the world's top tourism destinations, and it's no wonder. The ancient architecture, amazing museums, history and culture all play a role in the city's inviting atmosphere. And since the fall of communism, another attraction has emerged in the Czech Republic: gastronomy. Besides a boom in international cuisine and food movements like vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, Czech beer sits in the forefront. But did you know there's also an impressive market for wine production? We made a list of the best wine and dine experiences within and outside of Prague that will certainly tickle your taste buds.


5 Cozy Spots to Warm Up in Prague

Now that January is almost over, the days are finally getting longer, but we still have a bit to go before it becomes sweater weather here in charming Prague! Although it's not the most opportune time to travel through Europe, you have the advantage of smaller crowds, budget-friendly living costs, and you get to experience a more authentic, non-touristic city. The downside is it can get quite cold and wet some days, so keeping warm is essential. Thankfully, Prague offers plenty of beautiful cafes and outdoor terraces that will warm your spirit! What better way to unwind after a free walking tour in Prague than to have a warm cup of coffee, tea, or indulge in a hot chocolate? Here are the top 5 places to keep warm in Prague!


Discover Christmas Markets in Prague

Right up until January 3rd, 2016, Prague will be flooded with holiday cheer and Christmas Markets open to locals and tourists all over the city. These markets are an old tradition originating from Dresden, Germany during the late Middle Ages. They're held outside on the main streets or big city squares. And as many come together to celebrate the holidays, the setting couldn't be more beautiful. With the markets come fun Christmas events in Prague with music, plays, and shows in the open air along with dancing, food, and beverages of all kinds. And don't forget to pick up a few seasonal gifts for your loved ones back home. Find out more on the Christmas markets of Prague:


Your Spa Guide: Must-Visit Relaxation Destinations from Prague

For those who love the idea of relaxing, taking it easy, and pampering yourself on vacation, consider taking time to treat yourself to a spa day. Travelling can be a great experience: walking, exploring, spontaneous discoveries, carefully planned tours...all of these things are exciting and new. But sometimes travellers don't get enough downtime for themselves and risk going home more exhausted than when they left. And isn't the point of travelling supposed to encourage relaxation and escape from the stress of work and normal life? If you're visiting Prague, consider taking advantage of the abundance of affordable spas scattered around the Czech Republic's capital between sightseeing and tours.


10 Reasons to Visit Prague in Autumn

Summer is officially over folks! But this certainly doesn't mean that the time to travel is. On the contrary, Prague offers so many activities for travellers and locals alike. If you think this city is gorgeous during the warm summer days, you'll fall in love with autumn Prague! It's not too cold, the greenery transforms itself into golden shades of yellow and orange, and the city offers never-ending options of things to see or do.


An Active Guide: 2 Days in Prague on a Budget

Travelling to Prague on a budget or just passing through on your way to your next destination? Whether you're here for a few days or just want to avoid those pesky "tourist traps", Prague offers plenty of inexpensive attractions that any traveller would enjoy! Whether it be grabbing a drink, learning about Czech history or taking in some of the gorgeous architectural masterpieces and views. Here's a list of things you should consider doing during your short stay in Prague that won't break the bank account and will keep you active!