Best Music and Cultural Festivals You Must See Before You Die

Most of us don’t really need any reason to travel and venture off to near or distant lands, but a great festival is as good a reason as any to plan a trip. If you’re wondering where your next adventure will take you, why not head to a festival?! We’ve put together some of our favorite festivals around the world for your curious imaginations to ponder – some are food or music festivals, some are cultural festivals, and some are just plain crazy, but all are excellent reasons to pack a bag and go!


Dublin tips for a great visit

You probably have a long list of things you want to do, places you want to visit, and sites you want to see when you are in Dublin; if not yet, you might find our recommendations on things to do in Dublin helpful. Two sure things you’re very like to be doing in Dublin though are dining and drinking! To help you out on that front, we’ve compiled some of our best hints and tips for food and drink in Dublin, and where to go for the best of them. We’ve also thrown in some helpful bonus tips for good measure too; you’re welcome.


Top Ten Free Things To Do In Dublin

We’ve already had two ‘Ten things to do in Dublin’ recommendations lists recently, but there’s still so much to see and do in the Irish capital that we just couldn’t stop there; this time though, we’re bringing you our top ten things to do in Dublin for free, to make sure you have the best visit to the city possible, while saving more money for pints!


Useful info to know about Dublin

It’s good to have some useful information about a place to help navigate the basics when visiting; so, we put together a quick run-down of helpful information and things you might like to know about Dublin so you can spend less time looking for answers and more time planning all the fun things you’d like to do instead.


Ten More Things to do in Dublin

In compiling our recent list of ten things to do in Dublin, we had a tough time narrowing all the must-see sights, things to do and tourist attractions in Dublin down to just ten; so, as promised, here’s ten more.


Ten Things to do in Dublin

Dublin may be a relatively small capital city, but it is huge when it comes to character, culture, history, tourist attractions and things to see and do. In putting together a little list of ten things to do in Dublin, we soon realised that choosing just ten is a tough task; so, we’ll have ten more following very soon. Here’s the first of our lists to inspire all of you Dublin-bound curious travellers to make the most of your trip to the Irish capital.


Eight Things To Do in Dublin This Winter

Dublin is one of the best places you can be in winter. What we lack in high temperatures, we more than make up for in warm welcomes, cosy bars and restaurants, and abundant shopping locations. Dublin comes alive in winter, and walking through the streets illuminated by festive lights, the energy and merriment of everyone around you is palpable. There really is something for everyone, from good food and drink to wonderful walking tours of the city along with many museums, breweries and historical must-see sights. Here’s our pick of eight things to do in Dublin in winter.


10 Must See Attractions in Dublin

Some go to Ireland for the Guinness while others visit for the luck of the Irish or explore the beautiful countryside. But remember there are a lot of interesting and cool things to do right in Dublin! Here's a list of what you should definitely see on your next visit to this beautiful city:


Where to Find Dublin's Best Brunch

Let's get one thing straight; Dublin loves a good brunch. It comes as no surprise that when the buzzing, alcohol-infused Saturday night in the Irish capital comes to an end as the sun rises. The people of this city wake up to a hangover and some serious cravings. Dublin is famous for the quality and quantity of food so it's no wonder we all roll out of bed at noon to go every Sunday, and boy doesn't we know where to find Dublin's best brunch *winky face*.