Exhibits which include a rich amount of documentation and photographs chronicles the era of Hitler's secret police and Nazi dictatorship in an effectively dispassionate yet inevitably profound and moving way. An oxymoron perhaps but the somewhat clinical, clerical even, decor and layout of the space in which such an incredibly raw and emotional element of very recent history is spelled out might be considered to be at total odds with each other. But then the significance of this museum, both an indoor and outdoor museum, being located on the site of what was the Gestapo and SS headquarters during the Nazi regime is reflected in that very same sense of conflict between the place and the story it tells today – this was always a clerical space, concerned with routine administrative tasks in an efficient office setting while all around it outside the dramatic, despicable and tragic everyday was occurring. The Topography of Terror is partially included on the Freetour.com recommended Free Tour of Berlin and Free Third Reich Tour and we recommend returning after the tour with more time to really explore the fascinating exhibits. Open daily from 10am to 8pm and entrance is free.