There are many facets to Berlin's character – a city once literally divided, bearing the scars of an ever-present atrocious recent history while continuing to forge an identity and unique charm of its own, mindful of the past and symbolic of a bright and better future. There's no escaping the ghosts of this city's horrific past but rather than be haunted by such history you get the sense that the latest generations of Berliners have embraced these ghosts and, while respectfully and dignifiedly commemorating that history and its victims, take purpose and energy from it in their effort to shape their Berlin, a cosmopolitan, forward-looking, fun and creative European capital rich in cultures & subcultures, unbridled attitude and an atmospheric vibrancy and beauty. Free tours are an exceptional insight to cities & cultures but quiet especially in Berlin. The best way to really get under the skin of this city is with at least one free tour. highly recommends the Free Tour of Berlin as one of the first things to do in Berlin for a really good, thorough and revealing exploration of the capital and cultures. It's a must, but if you have more time you really should consider joining The Free Third Reich Tour, Free Cold War Tour or Free Alternative City tour as each adds so much to your perception of Berlin and Berliners today, giving you a fuller, valuable picture of a city which is not defined by its past but rather informed by it. All four of these Free Tours are operated by HostelCulture and advance booking is strongly advised to avoid disappointment, luckily you can easily book your place in real-time with Enjoy!