There's no escaping the despicable horrors of the Third Reich when visiting the remains of the Nazi-built concentration camp, Sachsenhausen. The buildings and grounds of the former camp are now a museum which include the grim Station Z, housing a gas chamber, crematorium and execution trench. You get an eerie and disturbing insight to the everyday running, and unimaginable atrocities, of a concentration camp. Indeed, the experience is visceral and to think that such a place existed at all is harrowing today but that is was in operation under the Third Reich until just 71 years ago is truly distressing so be prepared to be emotionally affected by this place as something which we may have qualified as an incredible evil and sadness in the context of pages in our school history books suddenly gets very real and tactile when you are confronted with that history where you can reach out and touch it. It is free to visit but if your budget allows for the audio guide at €3 definitely spring for it. It is a large ground area so we also recommend allowing plenty of time to really see all this museum has to offer, 3 hours or so should be sufficient.