Kilimanjaro Climbing Experience

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Overview of the tour in Kilimanjaro

Your Guide will pick you up from your hotel at Moshi and drive through Marangu village to Marangu Gate 1860 m, which it will take one hour and a half. Once you get there we will do registration then start our hiking to Mandara hut 2720 m in Kilimanjaro national park.

Kilimanjaro has seven routes, six routes for ascending and one route for descending, but the Marangu route is the only route you ascend and descend with the same, also is the easiest and the oldest of all the routes to the summit of mt Kilimanjaro, not only but also is the only route people sleep in the hut the rest use tents.

In this tour, you will see some flora and fauna different species of trees, and some small animals like colobus monkey, Tree hyrax, mongoose duikers, birds, etc.

The habitat of our tour is Montana forest after driving through cultivation zone, the hiking time is 4 hours up/ 2-3 hours down, the distance is 8 km, in total go and back is 16km. After reaching Mandara you will visit Maundi crater where you will have a view of mt Kilimanjaro and Mawenzi, Lake Chala, Kenya- Tanzania border, and the forest. After lunch and hike back to the gate and drive back to Moshi.

This activity includes:

  • Moshi Kilimanjaro
  • Mount Kilimanjaro National Park
  • Mawenzi Road
  • Lake Chala Safari Lodge and Campsite
  • Kilimanjaro climbing
  • Tour guide
  • Food
  • entry fee

Our Guides

Peter Kinyiya — Guide of Kilimanjaro Climbing Experience, Tanzania
Peter Kinyiya

Meeting point

Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

On arrival

Physical Address :
NSSF Building – Second Floor
Old Moshi Rd
Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

Things to note

Plan your perfect Kilimanjaro climb - Training and preparation for climbing the mountain Kilimanjaro. The very best way to prepare for climbing to high altitude is to climb to high altitude. Although this is difficult for most people, remember that the higher the altitude and the longer the hikes, the better. Whether it be to hike 2,000 feet to the top of the local hill or climbing larger mountains further a field; just being out hiking up hill is the best. This also allows you to get used to your backpack and boots.

Running and biking are also very good and at least take you outdoors so you can test your equipment. Stair masters and climbing machines at the gym will work if outdoor hiking isn’t an option. Try not to go for short hard blasts of exercise but long sustained workouts instead. An adequate training regime is to maintain 80% of your max heart rate (220 minus your age) for an hour, three to four days a week. Remember high altitude mountain climbing requires acclimatization and a strong mind is as important as a strong body. If you are fairly fit and choose a climbing itinerary that allows plenty of time to acclimatize, you have the formula for success.

Free Cancellation

Free Cancellation up to 24 hours before the activity starts. Late cancellation or your non-arrival is not refundable.

English  |  9:00 AM & 8:30 AM
from €250
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