Khan El-Khalili Bazaar Local Tour

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Duration: 2:00
Provided by Muhammad Swefy
English  |  2:00 PM
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Overview of the tour in Cairo

Sure you've heard of the famous Cairo Bazaar... but do you know what a local Egyptian market is like?

On this storytelling tour, you will get to experience both markets while playing the role of groom/bride as we wander through a local Egyptian market and end at Khan el Khalili Bazaar. We also take you to get a full view of Cairo.

Take the opportunity to see handmade artisan products such as handbags, covers, bronze work, mosaics, lamps and lanterns.

Not only will you learn about Egypt's cultural perspective, but you will also see historical sights such as the Cairo Gates, Azhar Mosque and the caravanserai.

This activity includes:

  • Al-Azhar Mosque
  • Wekalet El Ghoury
  • Al-Azhar Park
  • Khan el-Khalili
  • Abu Dahab Mosque
  • Al Ghuri Dome
  • Sultan Qansuh Al-Ghuri Complex
  • Darb El Atrak
  • Abo Hashem
  • Private Professional guide

Meeting point

Al Azhar Park Fountain

On arrival

You can take a cab or Uber or walk to Al Azhar Park and there you can find the fountain. I will be waiting there at the fountain. Please kindly avoid anyone who approaches you in the street. They are guides in disguise or shop owners intending to sell to you something at their shops, so just to save your time continue on your way to the meeting point without having to ask anyone about the location.

Just kindly follow the location on the map and I will find you there at the fountain of the Park. You don't have to ask anyone on the street for help because sometimes some people expect tip for help. Stay safe and cool.
Have fun.

Things to note

- Avoid street friendshippers/strangers who approach you and try to help you and pretend to not want any money. "Sketchy dudes
- stay hydrated
- Wear comfortable shoes
- wear sunblock
- Avoid short skirts/shorts
- Avoid tank tops
- For ladies, please kindly wear loose garments and bring over headscarves because we will enter holy places on this tour such as mosques and churches.
Thank you.

Free Cancellation

You are free to cancel a booking anytime. We kindly remind you to cancel bookings you cannot arrive for. Being reported as absent decreases your customer level points and the benefits you can enjoy.

English  |  2:00 PM
from €0 Tip based
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