Why You Need to Visit Prague in Spring

Why You Need to Visit Prague in Spring

There's something almost magical about Europe in the Spring. The weather in Prague gets warmer and the festivities welcoming the new season begin! Statistically speaking, the last week of July through the middle of August is the busiest time for tourism in the Czech Republic, especially for the capital. So, we wrote a list about all the things people are missing out before high season starts. Here's why you need to visit Prague in spring:


Low/Shoulder Season




There are plenty of advantages when it comes to visiting the Czech capital pre-Summer: beat the heat, crowds and high season costs while getting to know Prague in its truest colours. Line-ups for every museum and attraction are guaranteed, so why not save time and money with low season tickets while enjoying this charming city without the tourists. And besides wandering the halls of museums and satisfying your hunger at local cafes, take a free walking tour in Prague for a great overview of the city. You'll also score some amazing bus deals for 7 Euros or less to Germany, Austria and smaller Czech towns if you have the time for fantastic day trips.


Prague Spring 71st International Music Festival

May 12th-June 4th



Get the chance to experience Prague's largest music festival celebrating music, freedom and multiculturalism, in honour of Prague Spring 1968. It lasts just over 3 weeks with classical performances by musicians, composers, and 98 orchestras from around the world! Whether you're a fan of traditional or experimental classical music (or just curious!), Prague Spring International Music Festival is worth checking out not only for the music, but also the venues the concerts will be hosted in like 19th-century Rudolfinum and Municipal House.


Night of Churches

June 10th


Davidlohr Bueso via Flickr

Attention: Gothic and Baroque lovers! This is your kind of night! This year on June 10th, over seventy churches in Prague will open its doors to visitors at 6 PM. This includes churches in old town, new town, little town and the rest of the central neighbourhoods. The entrances will be free of charge and this night gives everyone an opportunity to see some of Prague's oldest structures and architectural masterpieces. Our top 5 picks are St. James Church, Tyska Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church, Loreto and of course, St Vitus Cathedral.


Prague Czech Beer Festival

May 12th-28th



Around ten thousand people gather in Prague's largest exhibition centre for Czech Republic's main beer event of the year. Beer lovers from around the world gather under tents where they're offered great food from local chefs, baker and butchers. The best part? Over seventy types of Czech beer to try, accompanied by musical entertainment and traditional folk costumes to set the mood and keep everyone in good spirits. Prague Czech Beer Festival lasts two weeks starting mid-May, so if you're a hardcore beer fan or just want to take in this major cultural event, this is for you!

And remember, all the terraces, beautiful gardens and parks will be open in Prague for you to enjoy the sights and lovely weather. Get out there and explore! Anything to add to this list of Spring in Prague, just comment below!

Aleksandra Koplik
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