Berlin is a city with a great love of music and in particular Punk culture so it's little surprise that the world's first museum dedicated to The Ramones was founded over 18 years ago in Berlin, the city mentioned in many Ramones songs and where bassist Dee Dee grew up. Located near Alexander platz on Krausnickstr, this is actually a little bar / café which contains a remarkable collection of over 500 items of memorabilia, photos, letters, articles, videos and more charting the turbulent narrative of the much-loved & most influential Punk band ever. The intimate venue also hosts regular live acts and events and for just €3.50 you get a funky little souvenir badge / pin which grants you lifetime membership. It's a fantastic place to visit for music fans in general, not just Ramones fans, as an hour spent perusing here, gaining an insight into the remarkable life and important legacy of the legendary band with a Berliner beer in hand is quiet an enjoyable experience. Open everyday from 10am to 10pm. Gabba Gabba Hey!