Originally erected by the GDR as a symbolic icon of Communist idealism, the 368 meter high TV tower, or Fernsehturm, stretches high above the the Berlin cityscape - a compass-point in the sky for those on the vibrant streets below. Constructed over 4 years from 1965 to '69, the TV Tower (sometimes affectionately referred to as Alex Tower owing to its proximity to Alexanderplats) corrupted the otherwise historic Medieval centre of Berlin where it was erected and began broadcasting in 1969. Today it receives almost one million visitors annually and one can see a distance of more than 40 kilometers, weather permitting, or enjoy a (fairly high-end) dinning experience in the rotating restaurant atop the tower which turns a full 360 degrees in a half hour. Open from 9am (Mar. - Oct.) and 10am (Nov. - Feb.) to 0:00am daily and entrance costs €10.50 or €6.50 for students. You can learn much more about the TV Tower on both the Free Tour of Berlin and The Free Cold War tour as recommended by Freetour.com.