One of the few remaining alternative compounds in Berlin, RAW Gelände just off of Revaler Str. and Warschauer Str. is a former train repair yard dating from 1867 to 1994 whose many warehouses and structures have been taken over since 1999 and converted into artist work-spaces, clubs, bars, cafés & beer-gardens hosting street-food, flea-markets, events and more and there's even an indoor climbing wall and skate-park on the graffiti covered grounds. It offers a range of venues popular among local Berliners, from tiny bar spaces to warehouse-sized clubs to cater for a laid-back beer in good atmosphere or letting loose on the dance-floors to industrial house or techno. A quiet superb use of reclaimed space, both by day and by night, which is worth checking out for an authentic Berliner experience. highly recommends The Backpacker Pub Crawl which includes RAW Gelände as part of their nightly adventures in Berlin as well as visiting some cool local spots in the Friedrichshain district, a popular local nightlife area where tourists are not as common as elsewhere in the capital.