Selfies and selfie-sticks are an everyday obstacle on city streets of late but sprinkled around Berlin city are any number of Photoautomaten, old-school photo booths from the 50s and 60s reintroduced to Berlin's streets in 2004 which will provide you with a nostalgic (and uber-hipster), vintage-feel four-picture-strip souvenir of your Berlin adventures in classic black & white. It harks bark to a time the majority of millennials today know scarily little about, the pre-digital, analogue age but apart from being a novelty, retro “thing to do in Berlin”, does serve as quite a nice, romanticised idea of simpler, if not more difficult times lived by people, perhaps rather much like you, in a city during incredibly tragic recent history as well as its journey of epic resilience and character. When this kind of idea is captured in an act of self-portraiture it is then that a black & white photo strip becomes much more than a quirky tourist-tout element of Berlin kitsch but a valuable souvenir of your Berlin experience and understanding of this unique city and its people. Or you can just pile in with your new Berlin buddies to take drunken snapshots of a fun-filled night. Either way, it'll cost you just €2 and the photoautomaten are available for use 24 hours.