This is a great museum which focuses on the everday lives of the inhabitants of the former East Germany and, through an imaginative interactive experience involving rummaging around a re-production high-rise housing block apartment and driving a Trabi simulator (the motor-vehicle of the Eastern Bloc), you get a much more sensual, tactile understanding of life in the GDR - how everyday Eastern bloc life differed to that in the West and how state influence and dictatorship affected daily life. A unique cultural museum experience with real heart and even a surprising tone of irony & comedy, The DDR Museum is certainly worth checking out when in Berlin, particularly following the Free Cold War Tour recommended by as it will compliment nicely the insight garnered on the free tour about this remarkable era in Berlin's history & culture. Open daily from 10am to 8pm (10pm on Saturday's) and entrance costs €6 (€4 concession).