Berlin's 'arc de triomphe', The Brandenburg gate is one of the German capital's most well-known landmarks and attractions and serves as a symbol of unified Germany after the fall of the Berlin wall.
Brandenburger Tor is a truly impressive structure and a prime example of German classicism. At night, the sandstone of this 18th-Century arch is bathed in soft illumination, highlighting its magnificence and presence and making for a beautiful sight in panorama. It stands over the now pedestrianised Pariser Platz, a huge public area, and often acts as the backdrop for gatherings of up to a million city-dwellers to watch stage-shows, major televised events (such as sporting fixtures and even Eurovision), party & celebrate different occasions including New Year's eve. The Brandenburg gate is of course included as a stop on the Free Tour of Berlin recommended by where you will learn all about the history and significance of this well-known land-mark.

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