Join us to see Yerevan from a different angle. Walk with us around 2.5 hours in the center of the city and you'll find out things that are not written in guide books; over 25 Yerevan points of interest and stories as well as info about Armenia in general, from history to culture, from art to recent events.

We will see the historic center (Armenian, Persian, Imperial Russian and Soviet periods), go to the back allies, see the modern architecture, stop for coffee, discuss about food and drinks. We also touch upon history from ancient Armenian kingdoms, to Soviet times and independence.

The tour ends at the sculpture park and the iconic Cascade stairs, where travelers can stay for to see the sunset over Yerevan or continue to a bar or restaurant.

This activity includes:

Republic Square - 19th century buildings - Parks and markets - St Sargis and St Katoghike Churches - Blue Mosque - Mashtots Ave and Abovyan Street - Opera House - The Cascades - Northern Avenue - Sculpture park - Swan lake

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  • “Great Overview of Different Interests in the City”
      Reviewed on October 27, 2017

    The tour is very extensive and covers a great deal of things in the downtown Yerevan. The things they do not cover, they will still tell you about and point you on how to get there on your own. The guide is quite entertaining and... read more

  • “Excellent city centre tour!”
      Reviewed on October 23, 2017

    The tour touched upon many different topics related to Armenia and Yerevan, not only history and facts but also architercture and art. It covered the most important places in the city centre. It is very well organised and informative, I would recommend it to anyone!

  • “Really nice experience”
      Reviewed on September 24, 2017

    The tour was super easy to join, the organisation worked without problems and we met very nice people, including the guide! The visit to the bar afterwards was also really fun, I would recomend this tour to every tourist (and local) in Yerevan :) Thank... read more

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Meeting point

Entrance to the museum on Republic Square

On arrival

The museum building houses 2 museums on Republic Square. It's the beige building right in front of the singing fountains, sandwiched between Abovyan and Nalbandyan Streets. We meet by the entrance to the museum. Look for the guy with the beige side bag.

Things to note

By reservation ONLY. We do the tours if we have at least 2 people joining on a certain day. In case the tour is canceled, the traveler will be informed by email.

Travelers are free to ask questions, take pictures, stop for coffee or toilet, leave the tour whenever they want and if they like it, they can leave a tip in the end.