Join the daily Riga Culture Free Tour and explore the city through stories told by locals. The tour is guided by people with a cultural background - art historians, city planners, writers and other professionals. Enjoyable and informative at times, this is the perfect introduction to Riga.

“A wonderful tour!To have someone like our guide telling the stories behind the buildings, pointing out all the details, answering all your questions, and being a very good company while doing that was just amazing!”

PRICE: free (tips however are much appreciated)

This activity includes:

Art Academy of Latvia - Art Nouveau district - Boulevard circle - National Theater - House of the Parliament - Dome square - House of the Blackhead - Monument of Freedom - and many more...

    FREETOUR.com Traveler Reviews

  • “Great tour!”
      Reviewed on January 15, 2018

    Liva was a really nice guide, she told us a lot about art nouveau and letvian history. The tour with her did not include the old town quarter.

  • “Did not like”
      Reviewed on January 12, 2018

    Unfortunately, I can't join to all positive reviews. It was the worst freetour excursion (i visited alot of them in different european countries). For me there was a lack of that unique enthusiastic atmosphere, which usually exists on freetours. For me it was quite boring.

  • “Thanks”
      Reviewed on January 09, 2018

    Thanks, it was really great!

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Meeting point

Rainis Monument in Esplanade

On arrival

Between Art Academy and Orthodox church you will see a monument of a sitting man - Rainis. That is the meeting point for our tour.

Things to note

The tour is based on tips.