15:00 Free Tour Around Old Riga

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Overview of the tour in Riga

Take advantage of the afternoon and explore the historic heart of the Old City of Riga on a fun and entertaining free tour of Riga. Our guides will uncover the history, tales, and contemporary day-to-day life of Riga the capital of the tiny Baltic nation Latvia.

We will be visiting many of the main sites in the old city of Riga to make sure you tick the boxes of the must see' s and must know' s but we will also lead you into areas less seen, less explored and aim to uncover the historically untouched quarters as well as covering those main stretches of the old town often known as tourist traps.

This tour will give you everything from the middle ages to the present day. from the Crusades to the Soviets, from the foundation of Latvia to the reclamation of independence. Find out about Latvian demographics then and now and how the current geopolitics of Latvia will affect the country's development shortly.

Riga is a city rich in history, with many parts of its past formed through turbulent and traumatic periods. With the Crusades, Polish, Swedish, Imperial Russian, Soviet, Nazi, and others left their scars on its foundation.

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Our Guides

Arturs Adamsons — Guide of 15:00 Free Tour Around Old Riga, Latvia
Arturs Adamsons

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Entrance to St Peter' s Church Riga

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Your guide will await you at the entrance to St Peter's Church with an RIGA FREE TOUR sign around their neck

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English  |  3:00 PM
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