Art Nouveau & Central Riga Free Tour

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Overview of the tour in Riga

Discover Riga’s city centre and Art Nouveau heritage. With us, you will hear about the redevelopment of the city in the late 1800s, Riga's economic hay-day, and the building boom that followed the early 1900s. As well as finding out about city life in Riga today! Yes Old town is not the centre of Riga anymore.

You will learn about day to day life as a Rigan along with information on the most famous architects and their legacy, the differences within the Art Nouveau style through the period, and how the massive changes in society, philosophy, and science created a completely new art scene that shaped Riga like no style before or after.

Boasting one of the largest collections of Art Nouveau buildings in the world, Riga is a top destination for anyone interested in architecture and looking to explore and learn how this city quickly transformed into a manufacturing hub that gave way to new, unprecedented wealth and the largest building boom this city has ever seen.

Start: National Opera, finish: Alberta Street/Art Nouveau Museum. Duration - 2h.

This activity includes:

  • Tērbatas Ezītis miglā
  • Elizabetes iela 33 - Art Noveau masterpiece
  • Albert Street - Art Noveau masterpieces
  • Latvian National Opera
  • Michail Eisenstein house
  • Konstantins Peksens house

Our Guides

Arturs Adamsons — Guide of Art Nouveau & Central Riga Free Tour, Latvia
Arturs Adamsons

Meeting point

Latvian National Opera

On arrival

Find the guide in front of the Latvian National Opera at the main steps

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English  |  12:00 PM
Fri, Sat, Sun
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