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Medellín – lively, creative and fun

Visitors to Medellín in the Antioquia region of Colombia will be enamored by a backdrop of rugged mountains and high-rise buildings jutting from the rolling Aburrá Valley. 'The City of Eternal Spring' offers year-round temperate climate, rich culture & history and exudes a particular attitude - a buzzing metropolis with a tactile sense of character unlike the rest of Colombia, informed by its people, the Paisa.

Hanging out with an authentic local Antioqueño is the perfect way to get an in depth look at this remarkable city and the recommended free walking tours are ideal for this. Join a friendly local guide to get an unrivaled insight, tips & recommendations, hear the history & see sights such as the downtown Botero Plaza, adorned with amazing sculptures by Fernando Botero, the Square of Lights, National Palace, Pedro Nel's murals, Old railway Station & much more.

Come evening, enjoy local delicacies, such as bandeja paisa, before hitting Poblado to absorb the exciting nightlife & social bustle of this happening city, especially among the pubs & clubs of Parque Lleras. Medellín, once dubbed the most dangerous city on the planet, has had a remarkable regeneration to become fascinating, very safe and increasingly tourism-friendly. It's a real city, pulsing with authenticity & local charm, still devoid of much of the trappings of a modern tourist destination.


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