The Jewish Museum chronicles the past few thousand years of Jewish history in Europe via a permanent exhibition and a number of changing exhibits related to German-Jewish culture, heritage, art and tradition. It doesn't keep an absolutely central focus on the persecution of Jews and the Holocaust but indeed balances the Jewish narrative well, revealing the story of the early German-Jewish community as settlers who were active pioneers of the modern age as scientists, artists, merchants and entrepreneurs. It really adds a great deal to what may otherwise remain a somewhat limited knowledge of the Jewish historical narrative in Berlin which for many, as a result of school history syllabi, may 'begin' in the context of persecution and terrible discrimination of a most evil kind so it's a really worth-while experience to paint a much fuller picture of the once thriving community of people prior to the horrors of the Holocaust. Admission is €5 or just €2.50 for students and the museum is open daily from 10am to 8pm (10pm Tuesdays).