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The Godmother of Western societies - the ancient Greek capital

A chaotic, yet, fascinating mess, Athens is widely known to be one of the oldest cities in the world and an inspiring entrepreneur for following civilizations through the ages. This ancient, vibrant city is the birthplace of democracy, host of outstanding philosophers and an archaeologist’s paradise, abundant in world famous historical landmarks.

Being the largest city in Greece by far, Athens dominates the Attica region of the country and acts as an important economic centre in southeastern Europe. Athens has incredible variants of architectural eras, where the historic triangle neighborhoods of Plaka, Thiseio and Psyri stand out among ancient monuments. Think Acropolis hill, Odeon of Herodes Atticus and Syntagma square, the beating heart of the city. Athens is endowed with warm and sunny weather almost all year round, attracting millions of tourists annually. The city’s wacky nightlife is notorious as well where the exotic bouzoukia nightclubs and the joyful spirit of the Athenians play the biggest role in creating an unforgettable time.

We at highly recommend taking a free walking tour to get a precious local perspective of the city. Whether the goal is to explore the historical side of the city, enjoy the delicious Mediterranean cuisine or simply have fun at the thriving nightlife, this massive city is guaranteed to deliver the ultimate travel experience.


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