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The enduring industrial giant in the east - Warsaw

Poland’s largest city and capital lies by the bank of Vistula River. Once seen as a communist concrete jungle, Warsaw has long found its way out of the darkness and stands today as a major cosmopolitan, a popular tourist destination and an important economic, cultural and political hub.

The city has many unique and captivating tones to it spread over a wide area and having diverse architecture, whether it be medieval castles, communist buildings or modern condominiums. After being rebuilt it boasts many historical landmarks and monuments. The old town is a well-known part of the city that offers many beautiful sights such as the Royal Castle, the Barbican and King Sigismund’s Column, and its charming center features the lively Market Square. The so-called Royal Route throws you right back into the classical art period filled with remarkable palaces that offers many good photo opportunities. Diving into the city’s culture, Warsaw is abundant with affordable local cuisines, has a fascinating jewish background and a fast-growing nightlife scene.

To get the ultimate city experience, recommends taking a free walking tour with a local guide to fully immerse oneself into this massive indutrial giant. Whether the goal is to learn more about the city’s tragic history, its Jewish background or simply have good time in the thriving art and club scene, this gritty city is bound to deliver a good time.


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