Free tour: Best Bar Crawl in Barrio Escalante, San José

Duration: 2:15
Provided by Dominique Esquivel
English  |  4:00 PM
Thu, Sat
from €0 Tip based

Overview of the tour in San Jose

What will we do?

We’ll try different drinks:
Imperial or Pilsen: The beers most drunk by Ticos. What team are you on?

Chiliguaro: A representative spicy drink from Costa Rica, ideal for brightening up any reunion with friends. You can't leave without trying this.

Miguelito: A sweet drink (or shot) prepared with coconut and evaporated milk. Perfect for making the balance in our tour.

Costarican craft beer: We’ll try 8 samplers of different craft beers (1oz. each)

Which one do you think will be your favorite?

This is the most fun tour in the whole city, no doubt :) And you will do it with a professional guide, willing to share her favorite bars with you! In addition, at the end of the tour, I can give you a list of recommended restaurants and sodas.

Observations :
The tour does not include drinks, each person will be in charge of paying for theirs. You’ll spend around 6800 colones.

This activity includes:

  • Costa Rica Beer Factory
  • Jardín de Lolita
  • Agüizotes Gastro Pub

Meeting point

Parque Francia

On arrival

I will be in the center of the park with a black T-shirt and a yellow backpack.

Free Cancellation

You are free to cancel a booking anytime. We kindly remind you to cancel bookings you cannot arrive for. Being reported as absent decreases your customer level points and the benefits you can enjoy.

English  |  4:00 PM
Thu, Sat
from €0 Tip based
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