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Walking through the eternal city

Essentially an open-air museum, Rome is the finest place to get lost in its rich history, art, and culture. A few of the top historical sights everyone dreams of visiting are within walking distance from each other: the stunning Trevi Fountain, oblong Piazza Navona, and magnificent Pantheon. The Colosseum is also an iconic symbol of Rome, a building filled with approximately four centuries of gladiatorial combat and other forms of public entertainment where animals and people fought to their deaths.

People-watch on the famous shopping street, Via del Corso, run up the Spanish Steps to Villa Borghese, and take in the glorious views of the city including St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest Cathedral in the world. Admire the Sistine Chapel and visit the Vatican Museum, home to 9 miles of art and one of the largest collections in the world.

When in Rome, don’t forget to indulge in delicious gelato, pizza, and espresso offered at every corner in Centro Storico. Grab a slice and wander the small streets to find a magnitude of amazing frescoes and fountains hidden all over the city. And visit Campo de’ Fiori, the food hub: farmer’s market by day, restaurant and bar haven by night. With insightful free walking tours on, the local guides of Rome can show you the ins and outs of their ancient- and modern- city.


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