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The pearl of the Baltics

Founded in the beginning of the 12th century by the Daugava river, Riga started as a small port city. It developed through the centuries in a major way and today stands as Latvia’s capital, the most populous metropolis in the Baltic States. Riga is an attractive tourist destination that boasts beautiful, ancient architecture and a renowned old town that has gained a highly desireable UNESCO World Heritage title.

Today’s image of Riga is a culmination of German, Swedish and Russian influence over the centuries. The city features Art Nouveau buildings along with a beautiful, German medieval style that makes the city incredibly charming and picturesque. Walking along the cobble-stoned streets in old town is a fairy-tale experience that steps you back in time. Noteworthy monuments in the city include the Statue of Roland, Town Hall and the historical Swedish Gate. Not to be forgotten is the wild, vibrant nightlife that has caught the attention of travelers for its lively bars and clubs throughout the city.

It doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are, you can count on finding something to your liking in Riga, whether you want to enjoy the fresh outdoors, explore the beautiful old town or catch a buzz with Riga Black Balsam. Take advantage of the free walking tours and try out the famous nightlife by joining the pub crawl promoted by


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