Pigalle District - Past & Present Day Nightlife

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Overview of the tour in Paris

A walk through the red light district, but only there. Starting from the theatre end of Pigalle the walk will highlight past and present day entertainment venues. The guide will explain how Pigalle started and has evolved over the centuries.

The guide will try as much as possible, to point out present-day venues, the type of entertainment it does, and its value for money. But also places where venues existed in the past but have changed significantly or don’t exist anymore.

It is not a pub crawl, even though we can stop at a bar at the end of the tour, so there is a bit more socializing compared to other times. This tour is more indicated for people who live nearby and are curious to know what to do in the evening.

References will be made to the more adult types of entertainment of past and present, consequently, families shouldn’t join this tour—so no children or under-aged adolescents. About a third of the tour content will have been already presented at the Montmartre-Pigalle tour, for anyone who already has been to the later time it can get repetitive.

The tour will end at Place Pigalle, 600 meters from where we started. There is a metro stop there.

Meeting point

Exit of Anvers metro station

On arrival

PiI will be at the top of the Anvers metro steps holding a blue folder (only one exit)

Things to note

This is not only an entertainment guide but also a guide to the entertainment and cultural history of Pigalle

About a third of the content of this tour will be the same as the Montmartre & Pigalle tour.

This tour is for open-minded people as mentioned will be made
past & present strip tease clubs, gay clubs, drag shows, swinging clubs, bars, restaurants, discotheques, and disco bars.

Also, as the tour involves stopping at one bar, usually at the end, there is a more vital element of socializing in this tour, compared to other times.

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English  |  8:00 PM
Wed, Thu, Fri
from €0 Tip based
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