Macabre Kraków Free Walking Tour

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Overview of the tour in Krakow

At first glance, Kraków is charming and beautiful, but there are things that lurk beneath the surface. Things that do not come out until it's dark. And so we will meet them when darkness covers the city streets. This will be time for us to tell the city's most sinister secrets and stories. You will learn about the most notorious ghosts, monsters and serial killers, you will get to know the life of a medieval executioner and the tools he used to extract confessions from villains. There will also be stories of forbidden love and terrible punishment. Join us to get to know the dark side of Kraków!

+12 y.o. – parental guidance advised.

Join us – this time only if You dare…

This activity includes:

  • Stories of medieval punishments
  • Ghost stories
  • Serial killers and murderers' tales
  • Dark alleys
  • Hidden, mysterious corners of the old town

Meeting point

The medieval city walls area

On arrival

Between the Barbican and St. Florian's Gate - the medieval city walls area.

Things to note

Please arrive at the meeting point on time.
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English  |  6:00 PM
Thu, Sun
English  |  6:00 PM
Wed, Fri, Sat
from €0 Tip based
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