Historic Krakow: Old Town & Castle Free Walking Tour

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Duration: 2:30
Provided by City Walks Krakow
English  |  11:00 AM
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Overview of the tour in Krakow

Join City Walks Kraków as we delve into the city's Medieval past. From its humble beginning as a merchant town to its transformation into a royal city and once, the capital of Poland; Kraków has one of the most fascinating histories in Europe.

Journey with us into the past, as we explore the cobbled streets once walked by famed astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus and visit the former home of Pope John Paul II. We visit Kraków's Wawel castle and cathedral, see the city's famous Cloth Hall and listen intently as the St. Mary's trumpeter plays his hourly call from St. Mary's Basilica. If you're ready to discover the magic of Kraków and tales of witches' curses and fire-breathing dragons, then join us every day at 11am. Look out for the guides with the Blue Umbrellas.

This activity includes:

  • The Cloth Hall
  • Wawel Royal Castle
  • St. Mary's Basilica
  • Smok Wawelski
  • Wawel Cathedral
  • St. Mary's Trumpeter
  • Wawel castle grounds

Meeting point

St Mary's Church Krakow

On arrival

Meet us in front of St Mary's Church in the Main Square (the big church next to Hard Rock Café) look out for the guides with the Blue Umbrellas that say City Walks Kraków. We meet at 11:00am every day of the week. The address is Rynek Glowny 4.

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English  |  11:00 AM
from €0 Tip based
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