A short distance north of O'Connell street sits Ireland's largest cemetery, Glasnevin cemetery. This Victorian Garden cemetery, dating back to 1828, contains the graves of over one million people spanning generations – many of whom were of renown as artists, politicians, warriors and national heroes. There is an award-winning museum on site as well as exhibitions & guided tours charting the history of the nation through imaginative dramatic re-enactments, interactive exhibits and lectures and there is also a genealogy area where one can easily research their ancestry. A cemetery might not initially seem to be a typical visitor attraction but Glasnevin Cemetery is a special place offering a unique perspective and insight to the socio, political and cultural history of Dublin & Ireland and is well worth visiting. And if all that gives you a thirst pop into John Kavanagh's, The Gravediggers pub, beside the cemetery – a great little pub and it's where the expression 'a jar' referring to a glass of beer came from.