Best Street Food in Berlin

Best Street Food in Berlin

On free walking tours in Berlin, you feast on fascinating history, get your fill of remarkable architecture, and binge on local culture. It’s a most satisfying veritable banquet, our Berlin. It’s little wonder then, that often at the end of all this exploring and adventure, the most frequent question the local guides are asked after a tour is “where’s good to eat?”

There are a plethora of excellent restaurants, cozy cafes and budget eats in Berlin to choose from, but one thing this city is famous for is fantastic street food! Whether you want to explore typical German dishes or are craving international cuisine, Berlin’s streets offer endless delights for foodies. We’ve compiled our favorites from the best street food in Berlin for you, so now all you have to do is get your forks, chopsticks or hands at the ready and start munching.


Mustafa's Gemuese Kebab

Let’s begin with what is probably one of the most popular and most available street food of all time, the Middle Eastern kebab. You can find hundreds of (if not a thousand) kebab places around Berlin, but none are as popular (justifiably!) as our favorite; Mustafa's Gemuese Kebab. Conveniently located at Mehringdamm metro station, the kebab shop attracts a surprisingly large crowd day and night all year round. Don’t be discouraged by the long queue when you walk out of the metro station though. The wait is brief, and oh so definitely worth it!

Nowhere in Berlin will you find a kebab place that adds so much fresh parsley, salads, three types of sauces, feta cheese, thin slices of baked vegetables and freshly squeezed lemon. They offer halal chicken kebab and veggie kebab. Even if you spend just one day in the city, you’ve got to try it.

Address: Mehringdamm 32, 10961 Berlin.


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Berlin Street Food: Mustafa's Gemuese Kebab


Curry 36

Currywurst (or curry sausage in English) is the typical German street food that you simply can’t miss while you’re here. Just like kebab, wurst shops are everywhere. If you are done with your doner kebab and are ready to try the other most popular street stand of the city, you’re in the right place. Curry 36 is just a few steps away from Mustafa’s shop. You will find the best currywurst here. There will be a queue, too, but again, you won’t regret lining up once you get your steamy, crunchy sausage with curry sauce and French fries. The portion is just right, the service is friendly, the queue moves fast and the wurst is tasty and fresh. There are several standing tables in front of the shop, so you can eat comfortably. They are also open every day all year.

Address: Mehringdamm 36, 10961 Berlin.


Street Food in Berlin: Curry 36


Markthalle Neun

Markthalle Neun is a hip market hall in the heart of Berlin offering fresh food from Monday to Saturday, 12:00 to 18:00. You will find vegetables, fruits, spices, meat, seafood, bakery, pasta, and other delicacies from around the globe. Besides its traditional market, Markthalle Neun presents a variety of choices on its weekly rotating lunch menu, such as pasta, burgers, BBQ, tapas and much more. And there is always good coffee!

Thursday evenings are especially appealing for visitors. The market hall invites you to “Street Food Thursday” (from 17:00 to 22:00) where you can indulge in delicious international meals as well as local food. If you are in town on a Thursday night, check it out. Oh, and there’s nice wine and Heidenpeter's beer, brewed in the basement of the market hall, also available to compliment the food.

Address: Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin.


Market hall in Berlin - Markthalle


Thai Park

The story of “Thai Park,” located at Preußenpark, is an amusing one. It started about twenty years ago when some Thai ladies had their weekly picnics at the park. They gathered often and cooked their own meals. Bystanders asked them if they could buy some of their food, and voila, Thai Park was born. Today, Thai Park is a lively and colorful meeting point for many locals and travelers alike whenever it’s sunny and warm. As you approach the park, your nostrils will be filled with the savory, sweet and sour aromas from within; just follow your nose!

Countless vendors are selling Thai food every day during the summer, but there are also vendors specializing in Korean and Chinese dishes as well. Noodle soup, dumplings, fresh salad (try our favorite; the papaya salad!!) sweet delicacies, mango and banana desserts, just to mention a few.

Top tip: we recommend getting a dish made ‘to order’ rather than the ready-made dishes sitting out in the open. There are always lots of fresh coconut milk stews, colorful curry to choose from, with coriander, chilly, and other luscious spices. Prepare your taste buds. You can thank us later.

Address: Brandenburgische Str., 10707 Berlin.


Eats in Berlin - Thai Park



“The best burger in Berlin.” That’s what locals will tell you without hesitation. The cute burger place is located under the elevated metro line U1 and U3. You can easily approach it from Schlesisches Tor station. Exiting the station you will see a crowd of people surrounding an old-style, disused, public toilet and you will wonder why. Don’t walk past it. As unappealing as it may sound, what was once a public toilet is now home to Burgermeister, a delicious burger experience you likely will not rival in your lifetime. Once again, it is definitely worth a little queuing up. The burgers are made of fresh meat, vegetables and other piquant ingredients between delicious, soft buns. They offer vegetarian options too and their jalapeño-cheese-fries are something so special that we guarantee you have never had anything like it before.

Address: Oberbaumstrasse 8, 10997 Berlin, Germany.



Our list couldn’t be complete without one of the undoubtedly most popular weekend destinations; the Mauerpark flea market. Open every Sunday all year round, the market presents a vast amount of food stands where you can buy freshly made international meals, and there are many vegan and vegetarian options to choose from too. Mauerpark is the biggest flea market in Berlin, so you can dine on delicious food while finding that perfect souvenir or gift among the vintage, retro, upcycled and pre-loved treasures throughout.

There is a huge park next to the second-hand market and food stands, perfect for a Berliner picnic while listening to the countless local musicians who perform every Sunday afternoon and evening. If you want to join in, there is open-air karaoke in the park too where anyone can show off their singing talent.

Address: Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin.


Berlin street food in Mauerpark



Berlin is a most vibrant, colorful and multicultural capital city, and this is reflected none more so than in its local food scene. The confluence of nationalities and culinary influences throughout history has shaped the eating habits of its citizens in a wonderful way. Scrumptious meals can be found all over the capital to suit all tastes. We highly recommend asking your local guide on your city tour in Berlin for their favorite places to eat, as local Berliners they know all the best eats and hidden gems.

We also suggest to keep your eyes open; why not stop at that random, inconspicuous kebab stall you almost passed-by when strolling through Berlin? You might just be handed the best meal you’ve ever had on vacation.

Berlin is waiting, tuck in!
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