National tourism: Here's how to do it right

National tourism: Here's how to do it right

Do’s and don’ts when exploring your own country

As the situation gets better and summer holidays approach, many people are wondering if they should take a trip in the upcoming months. The differences between countries, with some more eager to open to tourism than others, and the priority for safety, which is still a general concern, point to domestic tourism as the winning option for now.

And what exactly is domestic travel? This way of traveling includes any trip you take within your country. It offers you the opportunity to visit destinations that you may have overlooked for being too close to home. It is a good moment to discover hidden gems and explore cities that weren’t on your bucket list! 

However, where do you start? Want to know how to plan a trip around your country? We have gathered some tips to help you plan, discover and enjoy new destinations near home. Read these Dos and Don’ts if you want to make the most of your close-to-home getaway! 


Look out for hidden gems

Of course, capital cities always offer many things to do and might be more relevant to international tourists. However, you should consider places that aren’t as known. This can be anything from charming little villages lost in the middle of the mountains, to medieval monuments, natural parks or seaside towns. Take your time and do a little research before choosing.

Hidden gems


Ask your friends and family

This one is pretty obvious, but asking for recommendations is also a good idea - and a great way to find a travel companion! Maybe your grandparents visited a lovely town last summer and your cousin wants to go with you. One of your friends’ family might own a flat near the beach where you can spend some days. There are endless possibilities, so don’t be afraid to suggest and ask for suggestions! 

ask friends


Plan a road trip

Not traveling far away can be an opportunity to visit different places by car, which is a great option for budget travelers. That is why it is a favorite when it comes to national tourism! Gather everyone you want to take a trip with around a map, mark the cities, landmarks or sites you’d like to see and create an itinerary! This way of traveling gives you the chance to include different interests in a short trip: you can be sunbathing at the beach one day, and learning about national monuments the next. Make sure to prepare a great playlist to sing along to on the road! 

Plan a roadtrip


Look for upcoming events near you

If you can’t decide on a place to go, look for things that interest you the most - festivals, markets, local fairs... Many cities are promoting themselves as appealing destinations by planning special events or celebrations that were postponed during quarantine. Find the best ones and plan your getaway around them! 


Avoid destinations that will probably be crowded 

Every country has areas that are more popular than others, especially during peak season, even in these times. It is better to choose smaller, off-the-beaten-path sites where you’ll have to be less concerned about social distancing or spending half of your day waiting in line. It will be easier to relax, and likely cheaper too. 


Opt for local businesses

Taking a trip close to home is a good opportunity to live an authentic experience, so make sure to opt for local shops and restaurants to enjoy your getaway. As you can use national websites and resources to book your stay it won’t be difficult to find a nice hotel that is worth the price. You don’t want to fall into touristy traps in your own country: that's not how you make the most of national tourism!


Find a place where you can relax

If your priority during your holidays is to rest and unwind, there are surely many options around you. There is no need to travel to Thailand or Nepal to achieve inner peace - you can find it at a nearby spa, seaside resort or quiet hotel. As you don’t have to buy plane tickets, perhaps you can splurge on massages, yoga classes and breakfast in bed. Namaste!  



Get creative wherever you are

Maybe you aren’t lucky enough to explore an exciting place - but that is perfectly fine! In this case, you should consider a staycation, which means that you should plan different activities while staying at home. With a little creativity, you can entertain yourself and have the best summer ever. Think resurrecting that cool camera you got on your birthday, finding the best viewpoints with a friend, sitting on a bench and sketching whatever you see. There are thousands of staycation ideas: you just need to look for things you wouldn’t normally do so break out of your usual routine - after all, that’s what holidays are all about. 


Don’t think that you’ve seen it all

Even if you can’t leave your hometown, you shouldn’t lose hope. Consider plans a tourist would like to do in your city. You can visit that museum that has always been there, have a picnic at the park where you jog or take a guided tour to discover interesting facts and the history of the streets you roam around every day. If you change your mindset, you can explore your own city from a whole different perspective. 

Don’t forget to do a little research

You might think that you already know everything there is to know about the place you are visiting, but there are always unexpected things to do that you’d enjoy if you’d just known about them. Read local websites and find reviews so you don’t miss out on everything the destination has to offer. 

Don’t stop yourself from talking to locals

If you ask for recommendations on your trips, why not do the same now that there is no language barrier? Don’t be shy and reach out to learn more about your destination. You could even end up making friends that won’t be too far away! 

ask the locals


Don’t assume that the situation is the same in the whole country 

Some regions might be more open to tourists than others, so you should check whether you can visit the area before planning the trip. Read the news and updates about national tourism from your government to make sure that you are allowed to take the trip you want. 


Follow these do’s and don’ts to enjoy your holidays in your own country. If you are visiting one of our destinations, you can find travel guides on our blog and book a tour on our website! Check them out and plan an unforgettable summer. 


By Georgina Blasco
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