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Berlin, a wonderful melting-pot of cosmopolitan, curiosity, style, design, history, culture, sub-cultures, creativity & colour. There's a delightful feeling of freedom about Berlin, as you ramble along Kreuzberg or stroll through Alexanderplatz with the TV tower piercing the sky above you, you'll see that Berlin is different than places you've been, its exciting buzz & vibrant local cultures tell you there's a healthy streak of the alternative and life a little less ordinary to be explored, embraced and celebrated.

A tumultuous & dark recent history, such as that of the Third Reich & the Holocaust, Cold War & the Berlin wall, are still very much evident on Berlin's streets today, for example Hitler's bunker, the Palace of Tears, check-point Charlie & the East-side gallery, but the legacy of this past is an important & integral part of the Berlin of today, a liberal, forward-thinking & happy place in control of its own destiny.

There are innumerable parks, pubs, restaurants & cafes to enjoy a beer or currywurst & absorb the captivating local atmosphere after an afternoon spent perusing the flea markets of Mauerpark or Museum Island, seeing sights such as the Brandenburg gate or discovering the alternative sides of Berlin with some recommended free walking tours. Discover and embrace Berlin with authentic locals and see the difference!


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