Addis Ababa Walking Tour

Duration: 3h 30min
Provided by REMEDAN
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Overview of the tour in Addis Ababa

Wandering through exciting city streets, exploring enchanting monuments, and finding some of the best sights in the city with local guides will help you get to know beautiful Addis Ababa while on our walking tour. The tour begins at Arat Kilo Ave. which is marked by a statue built in commemoration of the Ethiopian V-day during WW2. From here, we’ll walk to the first modern school (built by Menelik the II) the National Museum, and then to Addis Ababa University. We’ll also take a quick detour to visit a local street food store Ethiopian Traditional coffee ceremony for a quick sample. After, we’ll continue to Piazza, the heart of Addis Ababa. This picturesque historic part of town, whose moniker is a legacy of the Italian occupation, still preserves a bit of an Italian flavour while also providing three of the most popular views of the city and Armenian and Greek churches. Rooftop café, The first Ethiopian Hotel, built in 1898. Addis Fruits and Vegetable market, You’ll be mesmerized by the bird’s eye views of the city, Finally, The Tour Ends in Tomocca coffee, Don’t miss this tour.

This activity includes:

  • Old town known as , piassa addis ababa
  • Oldest Honey beer house
  • The Street food store
  • The National Museum and Addis Ababa Universty
  • tomoca coffee shop addis ababa
  • Greek and Armenian Church Buildings
  • Roof top cafe
  • Taitu Hotel

Meeting point

Ethiopian Ministry Of Education (MOE )

On arrival

The Meeting point is Ethiopian Ministry Of Education (MOE).
Addis, The Big capital city, is huge in character, attitude, culture, and history - and we love to share it with curious travellers like you! Join your passionate local Addis guide for a truly excellent journey through Addis and Ethiopian's ancient past, recent history and contemporary tales. From turbulent times, revolutions and rebellions, real-life legends, literary greats, and hidden secrets, we'll give you an unrivalled insight to the city, the country and her people on a most enjoyable walking tour.
A walking tour of Addis which is full of life & energy but with a nice laid back tempo. The tour guides are all young local and deliver their extensive knowledge very effectively in a fun, thought-provoking and imagination-stirring way with a personal, comfortable style. They are happy to take questions, ask questions, chat and actively get you involved in the experience. They also have very good hints and local knowledge so make sure to pick their brains for local tips.

Things to note

Things to note: In case of heavy rain, please bring an umbrella and perhaps be prepared to stop for a quick break.
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