Szentendre Free Walking Tour

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Duration: 4 hours
Provided by Zoltan Haness

Overview of the tour in Szentendre

Szentendre was built as a Mediterranean small town with many alleys, seven churches at least four religions. Part of the tour is to touch these buildings, show the main attractions-main square, church hill,bogdányi Street, donkey hill-and light on the hidden pearls of the town-unknown romantic alleys, beautiful viewpoints, hidden streets-of course all of these with historical commentary. There is another part: the tour for the active people, I can take you to the Pilis forest which is a conservationist area.

There are two routes, the first is easy for everyone, it goes threw the forest beside the Bükkös stream until the source, and the second route drive's up to the Vöröskő-Redstone-where the most beautiful view down to the Danube bend. Does somebody want to have a nice relaxing time? No problem let's go to Leányfalu!!It's a small village ten seconds near to Szentendre, and it includes a wonderful thermal bath and a sauna house together.

So I hope you're hungry and thirsty now because I'll take you to the best restaurants or pubs to have a great meal or nice Hungarian wine or craft beer. See you soon!

This activity includes:

  • Szentendre Skanzen Village Museum
  • citytour
  • forest tour
  • thermal bath tour
  • hangover tour

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