Free Tour Mysteries and Legends Pontevedra

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Duration: 2:00
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Spanish  |  8:00 PM
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Overview of the tour in Pontevedra

We will begin by knowing the curious history of the Ravachol Parrot and from there we will enter the most medieval Pontevedra to discover the place where people sick with plague were locked up, we will observe where the old prisons were or what are the well-known "picotas" that were used for the damned.

We will continue among the stories of the famous gargoyles of the church of Santa María la Mayor, and we will walk between the numerous crossroads, where we must be very careful with the Santa Compaña and that is why those places of the well-known "Cruceiros" are full. o Stone crosses.

But not only that, this city could not lack stories related to pirates and mermaids. We will know the story of one who became very famous, and we will see where his treasure could be hidden.

This will only be for the bravest!

This activity includes:

  • Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor
  • Igrexa da Virxe Peregrina
  • Discover the mysteries of the city
  • Visit the principal streets in the Old Town
  • Group Picture at the end

Meeting point

Plaza de la Peregrina

On arrival

Look for the WHITE umbrellas at Peregrina Square at 20.00h.

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Spanish  |  8:00 PM
Thu, Fri, Sat
from €0 Tip based
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