Jalatlaco, Street Art freetour

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Duration: 2:00
Provided by Oaxaca by locals
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English  |  5:00 PM
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Overview of the tour in Oaxaca

Come take a walk with us and discover Oaxaca's best-kept secret: The neighborhood of Jalatlaco.

El barrio de Jalatlaco is an iconic neighborhood whose art scene, vibrant color architecture, and relaxed atmosphere have become Oaxaca´s street art core.

Take a walk around one of the hotspots for street art. Jalatlaco´s vibrant colors and massive murals speak the voices of generations, its people, their traditions, and beliefs all come together in this laidback neighborhood

This activity includes:

  • Oaxaca by Locals
  • Barrio De Jalatlaco

Meeting point

Cosijoeza 110A

On arrival

The meeting point is in Cosijoeza 110A.

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English  |  5:00 PM
from €0 Tip based
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