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Tours in Oaxaca

Go back to the Zapotecs' time and experience their history walking colorful streets of Oaxaca. You'll sense the real Mexico in the walls of this... read more
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On this heart-captivating street food tour you will get to know typical flavors and tastes of Oaxaca. It perfectly suits both vegetarians and omnivores.
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Tours in Cancun

Discover the history of one of the most significant civilizations in the world in a city that was surrounded by a huge wall and home... read more
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Tours in Merida

Merida is an alluring city where cultures of Mayans, Spaniards and Arabs leave hand in hand. Let's explore its sites as the Mérida Cathedral and... read more
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Tours in Campeche

Dive into the captivating history of the fortress city of pirates, Campeche on an awesome free walking tour. We'll visit Parque Principal, Puerta de Mar... read more
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Tours in Valladolid (MX)

Experimenta la increíble experiencia en bienvenida en bicicleta por municipio de Chichimila, sabiendo de la historia y vida cotidiana del pueblo y visitando Tekom.
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Discover incredible Valladolid, a Yucatecan city with its colonial bearing, renowned gastronomy and pristine nature. Adventures and unforgettable emotions await you.
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Tours in Tlaxcala

This astonishing free walking tour of Tlaxcala covers such attractions as the Palace, historical murals, El Ranchero and the Ocotlán Sanctuary. Get amused with us.
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