A perfect combination of a great walking tour through the most beautiful sites in Haifa, a one of a kind tour from top to bottom in the amazing Baha'i gardens and food samplings in the Arab market while getting familiar with the multi cultural character of the city, all spiced with amusing stories:)
The tour covers:
Louis Promenade - The amazing view spiced by fascinating stories.
The Baha'i Gardens - The story of a unique religion in the most beautiful gardens in the world.
The German colony - The Templars and the hope inspiring romance of the princess of the Carmel and her Jewish lover.
Wadi Nisnas - Food samplings in the colorful market.

This activity includes:

The Baha'i Gardens - Louis promenade - - The German colony - Wadi Nisnas market - - -

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  • “Exceptional value!”
      Reviewed on April 16, 2018

    This is an amazing tour. First thing to note is that Daniel's is the ONLY tour that goes through the gardens on a Wednesday. You get to walk through all 3 levels of the garden and stop along the way for information on Haifa and... read more

  • “Great tour - do it to see the Bahai Gardens ”
      Reviewed on April 13, 2018

    At an easy walking pace and enough time to do all the photos you want this is probably the best way to see the Bahá’í Gardens and learn everything about the garden and the religion behind it. Daniel had answers to all our questions and... read more

  • “The amazing hats tour”
      Reviewed on March 08, 2018

    Daniel is a fantastic guide: knowledgeable and entertaining. Be ready to try some funny hats at the beginning of the tour. The view is amazing and you will feel your muscles only the following day.
    Yummy stuff awaits you at the end.

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Meeting point

HaNassi Blvd 119, Carmel center, Haifa

On arrival

How to find me? search for the crazy yellow hat!

HaNassi Blvd 119 (in front of HaBank restaurant), Carmel center, Haifa

Things to note

- In case of bad weather the tour might be canceled.
- Minimum 5 participants are required for the tour to take place. Maximum 30.
- The tour inside the Baha'i gardens requires modest clothing so make sure you bring a shirt/scarf that can cover your shoulders/knees.
- It's a walking tour which also includes a lot of stairs. That means comfortable shoes are required (10 Cm high heels do not comply with this definition!). If you have medical condition that might limit walking a lot of stairs, consider avoiding the tour.
- Israel is a hot country.. So bring Water, Sunscreen lotion and cool hats!
- I organize this tour voluntarily, therefore I hold no responsibility for bodily injuries or property damages during the tours.
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