Irish Whiskey is really taking off of late with a huge surge in popularity, world-wide demand and new distilleries opening in different parts of the country producing new Irish whiskeys. The Irish Whiskey museum is a relatively new and independent museum and is the only museum in the world dedicated to Irish whiskey, reflective of the revival Irish whiskey is currently enjoying. For €15 for adults, or €13 for students, visitors are taken on a guided tour through the fascinating history of Irish whiskey and learn about the craft of distilling as well as tasting three Irish Whiskeys with your guide. For a additional €3 you can upgrade to a V.I.P tour which also includes aged whiskey as part of the tasting experience and a unique Irish whisky museum souvenir. Open daily from 11am to 8pm, tours run approximately every 20-30 mins. and last about an hour or so.