Free Tour Curiosities of Chiclana's History

Duration: 3 hours
Provided by Maria

Overview of the tour in Chiclana de la Frontera

"Sancti Petri" (Poblado S.p. Bus Stop) - "La Loma Del puerco"(Hotel Royal Hideaway Bus Stop),
"La Loma Del puerco" ('') - "Sancti Petri" ('').

The route can start or end in the abandoned town of "Sancti Petri" or in "La Loma Del Puerco", depending on the schedules you have.
-In Sancti Petri; We will learn about the origins of the city from the 7th century BC until the 70s when the town was abandoned.
There we will make a gastronomic stop where we can taste "Pescaito frito" in one of the best places with this specialty of fried fish.
-In "La Loma Del Puerco"; we will know the history of "The Battle of La Barrosa" during the French occupation and some local and geographical curiosities.

Bus (1,5€)

This activity includes:

  • Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri
  • Chiringuito "La Loma"

Meeting point

Hotel royal hideaway

On arrival

We can start the activity from Poblado S.p. Bus Stop (L11), in the abandoned town Sant Petri or at Hotel Royal Hideaway Bus Stop (L11), next to this hotel. Or vice versa.

Things to note

Schedules are subject to bus line 11.
From Santi Petri;

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