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Overview of the tour in Cali

Walk through the historic center of Cali so that you can understand the importance of the cultural legacy that our 3 ethnic groups have left in us, knowing the characteristics of our gastronomy, the local slang, and the voices of the Pacific coast.

Meet us at "La Merced Church" where we'll pass in front of the Calima's Gold Museum to understand the historical starting point where the city of Santiago de Cali originated and whose socioeconomic development since the 17th century explains the modern dynamics that make visible the current impact of a culture diverse in customs and expressions.

We will show you both sides of the coin: we will talk about the importance of soccer and Salsa in our society, but at the same time about the impact, incidence, and consequences of drug trafficking in our daily lives. Identify the culture of Valle del Cauca from gastronomy to the revolutionary behavior that we carry in our blood thanks to our history and anticultural resistance movements so you get a real, complete, and objective perspective about us!

Join us, learn and dance to the rhythm of the Sultana del Valle!

This activity includes:

  • Plazoleta Jairo Varela
  • Municipal Theatre Enrique Buenaventura
  • Parque de los Poetas
  • Plaza de Caicedo
  • Plazoleta de San Francisco
  • Calima Gold Museum of the Bank of the Republic
  • Archdiocese of Cali
  • Centro Cultural De Cali
  • Iglesia de San Francisco
  • Edificio Bolsa De Occidente
  • St. Peter the Apostle Cathedral, Cali
  • Calle Del Pecado

Meeting point

Museo Arqueológico La Merced

On arrival

MEETING POINT: Museo Arqueológico La Merced (Red Umbrellas)
ADDRESS: Carrera 4 # 6-59

TOUR PRICE: We offer it for free, but we accept donations based on your satisfaction (people donate voluntarily around $45.000 COP each) that being said you donate what you consider the Tour was worth it :)

WEATHER: Our Tour is NEVER canceled due to rain. Medellín has a bipolar climate so it changes all the time, so if it rains don't worry ;)

BRING: Runners, Sun Screen, Umbrella, Money, Rain Gear, and Sunglasses.

Look for the guide with the RED UMBRELLA by BEYOND COLOMBIA, he will be waiting for you.

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English  |  3:00 PM
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Spanish  |  3:00 PM
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
from €0 Tip based
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