Egyptian Food Tour in Cairo

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Duration: 3h 30min
Provided by Elsafy
English  |  7:00 PM
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Overview of the tour in Cairo

When you think about traveling to a new country you think about NEW FOOD

and here in Egypt, we have ALOT of unique dishes you will never find elsewhere and you will try all of them like REAL EGYPTIANS

the food is a great entrance to having a deeper understanding of the culture itself

We try to make our trips customized as much as possible to our upcoming travelers and what they prefer more

But be ready and come with an empty stomach because will try as much as you can eat from different dishes from Ful, Tamiya, Koshary, Hawawshi, Shawarma, PIGEON etc and try local desert and drinks, etc in one experience

besides eating, we will enjoy the downtown Cairo atmosphere and local stories about every building and block

my job is to give the best food experience in the city from the best providers to enjoy a unique experience

- if you have any problems with some types of food
- you can directly contact me if you want to request a new time and date
- the food price itself is not included, and it depends on what you eat but on avg, around 19 USD

This activity includes:

  • El- Tahrir Square

Meeting point

El Tahrir Square

On arrival

in El Tahrir Square in front of KFC

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English  |  7:00 PM
from €0 Tip based
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