Essential Budapest Free Tour in Spanish

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Duration: 2h 15min
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Spanish  |  10:30 AM
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Overview of the tour in Budapest

With our "Free Tour Budapest Imprescindible" in Spanish you will visit the most important places in the capital and discover the history of the city with our specialized guides.
On this guided tour of Budapest we will visit places declared World Heritage, such as the great Parliament of Budapest on the banks of the Danube and the Basilica of St. Stephen, the largest in the city. We will talk about the emblematic Austro-Hungarian Empress Sissi in Elizabeth Square.
Between a monument and a monument, we will be reeling out the most important details of the history of Budapest, a city with a rich past marked by different civilizations and cultures. We will tell you why the city is known as "the pearl of the Danube", how Buddha and Pest joined, who are the Magyars or even what mythical soccer player is buried in the basilica.
We will also discover curiosities such as the oldest tree in Budapest with more than 200 years of history.
We will explain the consequences of the Second World War, visiting, in Liberty Square, the Monument to the Victims of the German Occupation, the Soviet Heroic Memorial, the American Embassy, ​​and the statue of President Reagan.
Join us to discover much more!

This activity includes:

  • St. Stephen's Basilica
  • Elizabeth Square
  • Ronald Reagan Statue
  • Széchenyi Chain Bridge
  • Basilica San Esteban, Budapest
  • Hungarian Parliament Building
  • Liberty Square
  • Stephen Széchenyi Square
  • Guía profesional en español
  • Free Tour
  • Lugares Imprescindibles de Budapest
  • Itinerario exterior por Budapest

Our Guides

Alberto prueba — Guide of Essential Budapest Free Tour in Spanish, Hungary
Alberto prueba

Meeting point

Fuente Danubius, frente a la Noria de Budapest en la plaza Erzsebet.

On arrival

Danubius Fountain, in front of the Budapest Ferris Wheel in Erzsebet Square.

Things to note

- Please, arrive 15 minutes in advance so that the tour can start on time.
- Our guides will be identified with water green umbrellas and the company logo: Paseando Por Europa.
- Show the guide, at the meeting point, the reservation confirmation email, either in print or by mobile phone or tablet.
- What is a free tour? Free comes from the "free" concept, that is to say, it is an urban walk with qualified guides in which you are free to put the price you want to the tour once finished, depending on your degree of satisfaction and budget. To guarantee the excellent quality of the tour we do not accept reservations of more than 6 people without prior payment of € 8 per person at the beginning of the tour.

Free Cancellation

You are free to cancel a booking anytime. We kindly remind you to cancel bookings you cannot arrive for. Being reported as absent decreases your customer level points and the benefits you can enjoy.

Spanish  |  10:30 AM
from €0 Tip based
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