Today Bratislava remains a contrast. Our free 2.5 hours walking Tour entertains throughout as we delve into Slovakia’s culture, traditions, history & future whilst revealing secrets & stories of Bratislava's charming old town.

This activity includes:

St. Michael’s Gate - Slovak Traditions/Culture - Old Town Hall - Modern Identity - Napoleon’s Attack - Slovak National Uprising - Blue Church - Slovak Food/Drink - Blue Church - Candle Demonstration - Velvet Revolution - St Martin's Cathedral - Hviezdoslavovo Square - Slovak National Theatre - SNP Bridge - Cumil -

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  • “Tour? What tour?”
      Reviewed on November 16, 2017

    A!though I had booked on to the tour and received a confirmation email and a reminder email, no guide arrived to lead the tour. Am rather surprised that I am being asked to submit a review on a non existent tour.

  • “freetour walking city 2:5 hrs”
      Reviewed on October 27, 2017

    Disappointing, as time was changed without notification, only found out at 4pm, when waiting. It had changed this week to 3pm, there was no mention of time change when confirmation email received when booking this week!!! Freetour, update your website.

  • “5*”
      Reviewed on October 25, 2017

    Andy is veeeerrrryyy interesting girl. She is great for this tipe od tour. She know a lot about city history and stories about people from the past.
    Long but interesting tour :D

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Meeting point

Hviezdoslavovo Namestie

On arrival

By the statue of Hviezdoslav outside the U.S. embassy

Things to note

Look for: Our orange “Free Tour” sign with the be free tours logo.

To ensure a quality customer experience for all we limit group sizes to 8. If you turn up to the tour with a group larger than 8 even if they are separate bookings you will not be allowed on the tour.

If you are a group larger than 8 please book a private tour