Vietnam: 5 Reasons to Choose the Country for a Trip

Vietnam: 5 Reasons to Choose the Country for a Trip

Stretching over 1,650 km (1,025 miles) alongside the sea, Vietnam is an incredibly warm and welcoming place. Every year, tourists arrive in Vietnam to experience top-notch beach vacations, visit the biggest caves in the world, taste authentic Pho and explore national parks. This incredible country will surprise you at every step and provide numerous memorable experiences. In this article, we will briefly discuss when to visit Vietnam, the most exciting activities, local cuisine and culture, nature destinations and try to answer the question: is Vietnam worth visiting


Nature in Vietnam

Vietnam is home to six biosphere reserves and seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. Phong Nha-Ke Bang is one of the most prominent national parks in Vietnam and hosts the biggest cave in the world, Hang Son Doong. Make sure to book your visit in advance as the cave is usually in high demand. Another Vietnam must see is Mui Ne, a small town famous for its red and white sand dunes and gorgeous sandy beaches. 

Phong Nha-Ke Bang Park, traveling in Vietnam

Ba Bể National Park offers the largest lake in the country surrounded by limestone cliffs and endless forests. On the border with China, you can admire Ban Gioc, the largest waterfall in the country. A free tour to Da Lat, a piece of colonial French Vietnam enclosed by vast mountains will surprise you with an unusually cool climate. Learn more about free tours in Vietnam to explore every fascinating corner of this country. 

Ba Bể National Park, traveling in Vietnam

But first things first: when is the best time to go to Vietnam? The best time of year to go to Vietnam is between December and May when the country is not under daily heavy rains. So when is the rainy season in Vietnam? The exact months can slightly vary from province to province but it is generally from June to November. Keep in mind that in Da Lat it may start raining already in May, whereas Da Nang remains sunny until August or September. To find the best time to visit Vietnam, plan your trip around the places you will travel to as the months of rainy seasons are different across the country. 


Vietnamese food

Vietnamese food is highly diverse and includes something for everyone, and it’s more than Pho. At every local market you can taste Goi Cuon, spring rolls with pork or shrimp garnished with coriander, lemongrass and greens. Local street food vendors sell Bahn Mi, a sandwich with fried eggs and vegetables. For breakfast, you can have Bahn Xeo, Vietnamese pancakes with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and eggs. Meat lovers will enjoy Bun Cha, grilled pork meatballs served with greens and rice noodles. 

Apart from local cuisine, start your day with a glass of Vietnamese coffee with ice cubes and condensed milk. Then go to the local market to taste numerous exotic fruits that will blow your mind: dragonfruit, mangosteens, longans, jackfruit, custard apples and of course durian. 

Goi Cuon, traveling in Vietnam


Activities in Vietnam

There are thousands of activities in Vietnam that you will definitely enjoy and remember. In this part, we will list just a few of them to give you a small taste of this amazing country and tell you why go to Vietnam

  • Take a boat ride tour at Halong Bay, one of the main reasons to visit Vietnam;

  • Embark on a long hike at Cat Ba National Park;

  • Wander in the biggest cave in the world at the Phong Nga National Park;

  • Taste Vietnamese coffee at the Da Lat coffee plantation.

Halong Bay, traveling in Vietnam

  • Visit the Imperial Citadel in Hue;

  • Sail through the Tam Coc rice fields in Ninh Binh;

  • Walk across the Golden Bridge at the Ba Na Hills Park in Da Nang;

  • Enjoy a calm beach vacation on Phu Quoc island.

Hue Imperial Citadel, traveling in Vietnam

  • Indulge in island hopping in Nha Thang;

  • Sled down the marvelous sand dunes in Mui Ne;

  • Explore the free tours in Hanoi, the capital of the country.

Nha Trang Island Hopping, traveling in Vietnam


History and Culture of Vietnam

Throughout the centuries, Vietnam has been heavily influenced by Chinese and later French cultures. You will recognize the French impact even in the language, for example, cheese in Vietnamese is Pho Mai which derives from the French Fromage. French occupation came to an end in the early 20th century but Vietnam had to endure a lengthy war with the US. Despite the turbulent history, nowadays, the country is flourishing and experiencing fast economic growth. The population is getting more and more educated and progressive which promises a bright future. 

Vietnam is a Buddhist country that values harmony, family and the arts. The country is known for its exquisite embroidery, pottery and Chinese-influenced dances. The most famous dance is performed during the Tet holidays (Vietnamese New Year) and is referred to as the lion dance.

Vietnamese Lion Dance, traveling in Vietnam   

The Low Cost

Many tourists wonder: is Vietnam expensive? Don’t worry, Vietnam is an extremely affordable place for most people from the West. Notably, the prices are slightly higher in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh compared to smaller towns. Nonetheless, you can enjoy a meal for $2-3, get a cup of coffee for less than one dollar, purchase a week's worth of supplies on the market for $10-15 and cheaply travel across the city using a local scooter taxi app called Grab. 



Vietnam is an amazingly safe and friendly place in Southeast Asia where you will feel welcomed. The list of natural gems is truly endless and incorporates an activity for every taste. You will surely find something for yourself and have an eventful and memorable holiday in this incredible country. 

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