Singapore: Cruising Beyond City-State

Singapore: Cruising Beyond City-State

Cruises remain a highly popular tourist activity with their numerous entertainment options, high-end restaurants and bars and endless shopping. While cruising on a large ship, guests can enjoy various activities on the liner as well as explore several cities. Usually, a cruise takes a few stops to allow the crew some off time and let guests walk around the city. Singapore is one of the most known hubs for cruise liners and is known as the cleanest and best-planned city in the world. This city will appeal to anyone: party folks will enjoy the incredible nightlife, animal lovers will be amazed at the safari for nocturnal animals as well as the large zoo, while foodies will be pleased with the local food venues. In this piece, we will discover the various cruises that you can hop on from Singapore.


Why is Cruising so Popular?

Cruises usually go through several countries and cities allowing their guests to experience the cultures, food and architecture of multiple places. There is no getting bored on the cruise ship as you are constantly surrounded by well-curated entertainment. Everyone will find something to enjoy, including cinema, shopping, casino, restaurants, gyms, trivia nights, various workshops, spas and much more. Guests can also meet and hang out with people from all over the world and create life-long friendships. This is a stress-free vacation option where guests do not have to worry about making plans and can simply enjoy their time on the high sea. 


Why Take a Cruise in Singapore?

Singapore is a small country situated near multiple Asian regions such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and more. By embarking on a Singapore cruise experience, you can travel to all these countries without the hassle of boarding a plane and looking for a hotel. Moreover, this country is known for its excellent security and technological advancement which will give you a piece of mind. Although not cheap, cruising offers you access to all kinds of food, entertainment and activities in one package. 

Singapore cruise — Singapore Cruise

Types of Cruises in Singapore

The types of cruises vary depending on the duration, distance, pricing and other factors. In this section, we will touch on a few types as the list of cruises that ship from Singapore is truly extensive. 


Island Cruise

The most affordable cruise route, this ship will take you from Singapore to St John's Island, Lazarus Island, Sisters' Island, and Kusu Island. The tickets are about $10 per person and do not include any forms of entertainment or food on board. However, on the Singapore Island Cruise, you enjoy breathtaking ocean views and explore the four islands. 

Singapore Island cruise — Singapore Cruise

River Cruise

A short 40-minute cruise ride, the Singapore River Cruise will take you across the waters of Singapore. For $22 per person, you will learn the history of some landmarks and the country itself and partake in a relaxing and scenic ride. 

Singapore River cruise — Singapore Cruise

World Dream Cruise

A luxurious and more expensive type of cruise, World Dream Cruise offers endless entertainment on board. There are multiple routes you can choose from, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and others. With a capacity of over 3,000 passengers, this cruise ship in Singapore has multiple bars and restaurants, large pools, a wellness section, various workshops, a waterpark and even a golf course. 

Singapore World Dream cruise — Singapore Cruise

What Sights Can You See on Your Singapore Cruise?

Singapore is a melting pot of ethnicities jammed in the middle of Southeast Asia. But what should you see when you visit the city?


Gardens by the Bay

An enormous park in the bay area of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is commonly known for its so-called Supertrees, giant structures that are home to greenhouses. The park itself offers free tours but you will have to pay a reasonable fee to visit the greenhouses with climate-controlled areas. Here you can explore two greenhouses: Cloud Forest with a mountain covered in tropical plants as well as Flower Dome with the Mediterranean climate. 

Gardens by the Bay Singapore — Singapore Cruise

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

If you would like to see the Gardens by the Bay from above and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire city, visit the 56-story tall Skypark Panorama Deck. Guests can glare at the gorgeous sunset while sipping on their cocktails and wines. In the evening, Skypark offers a breathtaking water show accompanied by music and fountains. To explore the local culture and modern flair of the city, join tours in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Singapore — Singapore Cruise

Singapore Flyer

Second-tallest Ferris Wheel in the world with 165 meters (541 ft) in height, Singapore Flyer offers an incredible view of the city. The structure consists of 28 capsules with each capsule being able to accommodate 28 passengers. Singapore Flyer is also wheelchair-friendly and allows for up to five wheelchairs in each cabin. 

Singapore Flyer — Singapore Cruise

Merlion Park

Merlion is a mythical creature in Chinese culture that has a lion’s head and the body of a fish. Merlion Park is located in the center of Singapore and holds two iconic monuments of these mythical creatures. 

Merlion Park Singapore — Singapore Cruise


Singapore is surrounded by numerous little islands that can be explored by ferries or cruise ships. You can even book an island-hopping tour and visit multiple islands at once, including St. John’s, Kusu, Sentosa and many more. 

Islands in Singapore — Singapore Cruise

Tips for Your Best Singapore Cruising Experience

If you are not an avid cruise ship traveler, we have compiled a few tricks that will help you avoid common obstacles and enjoy a smooth vacation. 


Where Do Cruise Ships Leave from in Singapore?

Not far from the Gardens by the Bay, you will see a huge cruise port, Marina Bay Port which is the second biggest containership cargo port in the world. Here, you can board your cruise to embark on your journey across Asia as well as island-hopping route. For the river cruise, go to Clarke Quay Jetty near Fort Canning Park. 

Marina Bay Cruise Port  Singapore — Singapore Cruise


Best Singapore Cruising Time

The best time to cruise Singapore is from November to March when the weather is comfortable and not humid. However, if you choose to visit during Chinese New Year which takes place in February or March, depending on the moon calendar, the prices will be considerably higher. 


Which Clothes to Take for a Cruise in Singapore?

The weather in Singapore is mostly warm or even hot which is why light clothes made of linen, cotton or silk are perfect to feel comfortable in this climate. 

Cruise Singapore — Singapore Cruise

Singapore Cruise Price

Island hopping cruise is the most affordable option with fares under $10 per person. The river cruise is slightly more expensive and costs roughly $22 per person. When it comes to international cruises that travel to Malaysia, Thailand and other Asian countries, the prices can become increasingly higher. For example, among Singapore cruises 2023, you will find a 2-night cruise to Kuala Lumpur that starts from $350 per person as well as a 3-night trip to Phuket on a cruise ship that will cost you at least $400.


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Cruising in Singapore is a perfect vacation option for families, large friend groups and even couples. If you are looking for a well-organized holiday where you don’t have to worry about planning, getting on buses and planes and constantly packing and unpacking, a cruise ship journey might be the answer.

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